Fix Your Crown with Peace and Love


When its Natural You can Forget about the Labels Single use and get more for your dollar, After All the best things in Life are free

Because our products are natural, they can be used for multiple needs of the body. HERE ARE SOME SUGGESTIONS.

  • Our Hair Growth Oil Can be used as a Pre-poo 
  1. Just add to your hair wash day routine.  Divide hair into sections and apply 
  2. let it absorb into your hair and scalp for about 20 mins
  3. Wash with Fix Your Crown Shampoo, then condition using the Leave-in conditioner with Moringa seeds and blackseed oil.
  • Has revitalizing benefits 

  • Our Rose Oil face serum with FoTi root as a pre-shave 
  1. before shaving genital or underarms apply this rose oil for a smoother glide that leaves the skin smoother.
  2. Apply desired amount to hair shafts and massage until hair shafts have softened 
  3. Proceed to shave as you normally would 
  • This rose oil corrects dark spots due to excessive shaving with a razor on skin. 

  • Our Peppermint Shampoo can also be used as 
  1. Body Wash providing essential oils for the skin and a wonderful small 
  2. Because our liquid soap is infused with Chamomile it is Great for a calming nights sleep after a nice hot or warm shower 

  • Our Cucumber water infused with mint leaves and Rose Water Face Toners can be used as a 
  1. Body mist,  just spray all over the body after a shower for a refreshing feeling on your skin.
  2. Hair Mist, just Spray on hair daily when you need a boost of hydration 
  • keeps hair looking healthy and well maintained with moisture, keeps skin tight , clears of impurities, helps the aging of skin, and hydrates

  • Our Detangler can be used as a 
  1. Body mist, just spray and it can exfoliate 
  2. face toner, that helps with dark circles
  • Fenugreek seeds do more than just supply beautiful strong hair it has anti ageing properties, exfoliates skin, reduces dark circles around the eyes, cleans your skin and leaves it Glowinggggg as you should.

  • Our Nail Oil & Cleanser can be used as
  1. A hand soak , just add a dime size amount with a cap full of peroxide to a bowl and let fingers soak for about 10 mins repeat 2-3 times a week if You have Acrylic nails
  2. BRING your Fix Your Crown Nail Cleanser TO THE NAIL SALON in replace of their Cuticle oils when getting a full set
  3. Or add to your manicure or pedicure water At the nail Salon or at home foot bath.
  • Helps remove any discoloration on nails due to fungus or bacteria build up. provides strength and protein for healthy nails

  • Our Aloe Hair Serum can be used as
  1. Edge Stimulator just run across your hairline whether your hair is styled in an up do or down. can apply twice a day or as needed. 
  • This aloe serum has multiple natural ingredients that Penetrates the scalp for maximum hair growth in damaged areas 

  • Our Leave-in Conditioner with Moringa and Black seed Oil can be used as a 
  1. Body Butter, the Moringa and Fenugreek used in this product provide multiple benefits for the skin to have a healthier appearance 
  • Best If used after a bath or shower to better absorb in the skin and This mixture will have your skin Looking hydrated, tighter, and providing a Glow for a brighter you.