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Skin Cleanser & Acne Prevention Package

Skin Cleanser & Acne Prevention Package
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If you constantly have a problem with dirt in your pores creating blackheads and pimples this is the package for you
Helps clear the skin of all toxins and cleansing deep in your pores for future breakouts

Step One
wash face with cold water using only your fingertips using the
8-10 oz Bar of Black Soap skin Cleanser
made from Palm oil, Kernel oil, and water
Relieves Acne, Removes Blemishes, Prevents itching, dry and scaly skin Great for Eczema, Cleans pores land will leave your body fresh and clean

Do not rub but Pat dry with Towel.

Step two
apply 2-3 spritz of our Cucumber Face Mist infused with Mint leaves infused for over 12 hours with mint leaves This product helps soothes skin from the inside out promotes hydration, helps the body flush out toxins, and treats acne

Apply to face, hair or body daily

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