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HER Vaginal Soap

this 3 oz vaginal bar is Formulated with the Most Powerful and most delicate herbs and Oils to Cleanse your vagina. combined with a mixture of Red Rose Petals, Calendula, Lavender, Fennel, Basil, Echinacea Root, Hibiscus & more.

these natural ingredients:
corrects Dryness
removes odors
maintains freshness
balances Ph
fights antibacterial and yeast infections
soothes irritation, itchiness, & razor bumps.

How to Use:
lather your washrag or Loafa Gently wash the vulva
(Inner & outer Lips and the clitoris).
Do not use if Pregnant on Breastfeeding

Store in a cool place.

Cleansing Herbs
Blood Building Herbs
Hydration and Juicing Herbs
Digestion Herbs
Uterus strengthens Herbs
Hormonal Balance Herbs