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STOOPPPP worrying about an instant Glam, versus Correcting your health for a brighter version of you. YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU FOR SUPPLYING YOURSELF WITH WHAT IS NEEDED, YOU WILL GLOW, SMILE, AND GAIN STRENGTH.



  • Protein
  • Poultry
  • Beans
  • Low fat dairy Products
  • eggs
  • multi-vitamins, Biotin, Collagen
  • Zinc 
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • leafy Greens
  • salads
  • Omegas ( fish such as Tuna or salmon )
  • flax seeds
  • cottage cheese
  • Oats and Grains 
  • Wheat
  • ALOT WATERRRR plus 8 oz of Aloe water a day !!!!!


  • Soda chips and candy 
  • Alcohol
  • low calorie diets
  • excessive stress
  • cigarettes
  • Some Pharmaceutical drugs for alternative medical healing EMAIL US @ [email protected] for Healers with Herbal Medicine expertise as well as consulting with your doctor. 

By doing so you will have confidence and slowly begin to feel like a new person. For Softer skin, Healthier hair and an Amazing GLOW TRY OUR PRODUCTS. Also Look into MORE Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs and less meat for your diet. REMEMBER FAMILY Internal Health always shows Externally.


Get to know Ms. Jess ! We have so much more to offer in so many departments of healing. Send emails with your story if you need any help. I can give some direction

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