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Skin Types range from

Normal Skin- Moisturized and balanced, not to oily and neither to dry.

Dry Skin- Is not usually a serious situation but low on moisture and oils, Stay hydrated and oiled up.

Oily Skin - Oily skin is an over productive sebum which produces oils under the skin. after showering pat dry to absorb as much oils as possible.

Sensitive Skin - Is more prone to inflammation. sensitive skin has a strong reaction to chemicals, dyes, and fragrances.

Combination Skin - Is a combination of all of the above. Because the body is very unique, different areas of the body can react to different things. so when seeing a reaction keep inventory of the products you have used. 

Hair Types Range From 

Type 1: Straight Hair  (Do not over use products, It will weigh hair down and collect dirt faster)

Type 2: Wavy Hair ( This type of hair must have a system in place for shampoo and conditioning weekly)

  • 2a: loose wave at eye level
  • 2b wave starts halfway to the end of hair
  • 2c: S shape wave thick and frizzes when damp  

Type 3: Curly Hair (choose the right comb and brush and avoid over shampooing)

  • 3a:S shaped curls forming loose loops 
  • 3b: mini barrel spiral shaped curls 
  • 3c: Tight spiral Curls 

Type 4: Coily Hair ( Be very gentle when caring for this texture, Never comb Dry, Use hair butters, USE OILS and DEEP CONDITION )

  • 4a: S shaped Coils 
  • 4b: Zig-zag coils/curls
  • 4c: tight coils/curls


Is a combination of all of the above. Because the body is very unique, different areas of your hair can react to different things and have a different texture. so when seeing a reaction or multiple textures keep inventory of the products and the different attention needed to care for each section of hair. 

Porosity Test

  1. Put a few stands of hair in a bowl of water
  2. after a few mins take a look in the bowl
floats- low porosity ( has no holes in the hair and is tightly locked and resists moisture like humidity)

Sinks- High porosity ( has holes in he hair soaks moisture and needs to be moisturized often)

Density- how many strands of hair is in an inch of your head as well as figuring the best way to style your hair 

Low Density- Scalp can be seen without a part this can be corrected with Our Hair Growth oil, Aloe Hair Serum or Hair Detangler, Hydrator & Conditioner with fenugreek seeds

High density - scalp is not noticeable, people with high density usually use creams, butters or gels to reduce the volume 

Volume- Fuller or thicker in appearance

low volume- can be corrected with consistency with any of our products to add strength and thicken the hair follicles which also eliminates low hair density

High Volume- someone who wants to reduce high volume can try oils like almond oil and avocado to weigh down the roots ... these oils are in Our Hair and scalp treatment and the Hair growth oil 

NOTHING said here is an indication of Bad or Good Skin or Hair It is simply a way to better understand how to care for your Skin or Hair 

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