Fix Your Crown with Peace and Love

Ladies Face and Body Care Set

Ladies Face and Body Care Set
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This Package Contains Skin moisturizing (fragranced) That promotes Joy, Face serum with Rosehip infused with Foti Root, and Dark spot corrector for face and body

1. Rosehip oil face serum infused with FoTi Root
when used with Consistency This mixture of Jojoba, Frankincense, Foti, and other natural Ingredients Corrects age spots, Tightens skin, Brightens skins for a classic glow, Treat dark spots and dry skin

Apply 2-4 drops of serum to the face (or specific section of the body) and gently rub in your face, from the neckline up. Spread oil evenly without tugging or rubbing too hard.
2 oz

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2. Ladies Fragranced Body oil
This "Peace and Love" Body Moisturizer is a combination of 3 essential oils including Castor oil which promotes skin health, reduces Sahara skin, the Peace and love family would like to educate you on the sense of smell triggering memory and emotions furthermore this fragrance "Peace and Love" highly promotes Joy throughout your day to show the world Who You Are.

Shake well. apply a dime size ( or desired amount) to each section of your body

Explore the Website for Multiple Uses of this Product in the Get more for your dollar section

3. Turmeric Soap with Goats Milk/Honey and other natural ingredients
Used with consistency, This 5-8 ounce bar of soap Gives a powerful burst of Love to the skin, giving peace of mind for your appearance. From Fenugreek seeds giving a glow, Honey supplying a humectant, and essential oils leaving you soft, we haven't even mentioned the multi-beneficial need for natural turmeric, which corrects dark spots, brightens skin, and works as an anti-inflammatory.

Use in your daily face routine or lather your washrag after a long day
store in a cool place